Saturday, March 23, 2013

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

I am still on this Planet!  Had you wondering did I?  Well I held my last card  class Tuesday for this winter season.   We should be home before Easter but that still depends on Tom.  I would like him to have him get  the stent he needs before we leave for home.  He wants to get it done at home.  So we will see.  His Cardiologist had to go to Africa for a family emergency.  Fist we were told he would be back Monday but then told Wed.  I didnt even bother to call there today to find out.  Unless you hear otherwise we should be heading home the Monday before Easter.  Any changes will letr you know. 
   I never was able to post those cards I scanned.  I tried and couldnt figure out what I did  wrong.
    Not certain when I will start cards classes there when I get back,  Maybe Mid April.  Thats if you want me to still have them and/or  the girls want to give up theirs.        Surprise, I found these but the go back to Jan   Any take care, God Bless You, See you soon enough, Laura