Friday, April 5, 2013

Hi Everyone,  Are you ready to attend my classes this year?  I will start on Wed. April 17th.  MY usual times apply, 1PM and 5PM.  I again want to Thank Mary Jo and Karen for taking over for me while I was away.  I feel guilty that you have to stop and let me take over again.  Whenever you want to do a class let me know I can step aside occasionally if you  miss all the creative fun.   When I had my classes in Florida, we only made 4 cards and I still charged the $5.  I was considering that here, but after supporting me with your attendance all these years   I want your honest opinion,  is charging $5 too much for make 4 cards.  Would it make you not to want to come.  I found it easier to get done on time with only making 4, not only time spent in class but having everything ready for class.  I do value your opinion and hope you will respond as to how you feel.  I hope to see you all soon and hope to make you card classes enjoyable.  Take care and God Bless you all, Laura