Friday, December 18, 2015

Hi Everyone,  I don't know if you get on my site when I am not teaching card classes.  I wanted to wish you a Very Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!  We are in  here Mansfield till just after Christmas.  We are hoping to head back the Monday after Christmas.

I went to the card class wed. eve with Mary Joe in charge.  The girls did a great job at getting some neat cards for us to make.  I have posted them here for those who may not have gone to go.  The girls mostly  like to use the KIS method.  Well you know I make you work sometimes harder.  I stepped them up just a little.  the first two you see, I just did a small amount of scoring on the card.  You may not see that in the pictures of the scanned cards.  The Holy Family cards I stamped the design on a separate piece of paper and then added a layer of blue before I adhered them to the base card.  The last card, I added an embossed layer of holly to put on the card base,  I cut out the stamped design and add a piece of a glitter green of which I added on top on the embossed design.  Oh I forgot I used a sponge dauber and added a light coat of green to the holly leaves and a light coat of red to the berries.  So much for me keeping it simple!  Lets see if I can get the cards posted.  Love you all and miss seeing you.  You can visit us in Florida.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Posting this week cards!  I do still have stuff to cut out and get ready.  Hopefully I can finish tomorrow after I have lunch with my cousins. Always too much to do.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

September already!

Hello again!  Finally have the cards ready to post.  I hope you will enjoy making them.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Hi Everyone,  I am finally able to get on my computer to post my pictures of the cards we are making this week.  I haven't been able to get on my computer for 3 days.  I was beginning to think maybe Tom hadn't paid the bill.  Someday I hope to replace this antique of a computer.  Well here is the cards for Wednesday.

My favorite is this last one but I almost changed my mind about doing it.  It is a new Stampin Up set I bought from my neice Pam.  It has a lot of pieces  to it and each piece is cut out with a die that needed to be lined up a certain way.  It would take forever to do.  But... I was determined to do it.  I will have you not do all the steps and I cut everything out in advance  You will need to concentrate while doing it .and listen to me as how it is done.  Oh dear we are in trouble.  Just teasing, well sort of.. Time will tell.  See you tomorrow!

Monday, August 3, 2015

Well I am back and as late as ever.  I only had one card to make yesterday.  I worked all afternoon trying to make it.  Do you ever have days that nothing works out?  After several hours I quit.  I decided I wasn't doing that card this week, maybe next time.  I  decided to make it simple but sometimes simple can give me grief. I started out just trying to score this simple card.  I wasted  4 or 5 card blanks.  Finally I did it right and am here to post.

You get to color the chicky card, two step stamping on the next, choose of white daisy or the yellow  daisy and the last card is all cut out using my Cricut machine. See you Wednesday!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Hello all!  I hope I won't disappoint you all.  I am not having a card class this Wednesday July 22nd.  We are going to be at a family camping outing at Mohigan State Forrest.  I have been looking forward to this since last Jan.  when he had to make reservations for July.  At first I thought I just might come home for the day, but decided against it.   I won't have the next one until August 6th.  I will of miss seeing all of you but I looking forward to being with all my kids (only one family can't camp but will be visiting), Tom's brothers and most of their families will  be there too.  We have been doing this for years and we have a lot of fun.  I hope you will forgive me for not giving you much notice.  Let me know if you plan to come on the 6th.  I know I am going to be watching my grand daughter for a week in Aug.  I hope it is not that week, will let you know of any changes.  Take care and God Bless you and keep you all well and safe.  Laura

Monday, July 6, 2015

July 8th card Class

I spent a good part of the Fourth of July Holiday in my craft room working on my cards.  I did the last one today so here I am.  You do understand I am not completely done.  I have a little to do to finish the giraffe card,  the card with the blue birds needs a sentiment/verse.  The other two are ready.  I used my Cricut

Expression to do the giraffe card ( Create a Critter Cartridge) .  The Lighthouse card was inspired by Pat Smith.  She sent me a link by email so I could watch some videos on how to make this special fold.  Those of you who attended the last class (afternoon), got to see the cards she made using this technique. Thanks Pat! Also I am having Christmas in July.  I created this card myself and am very pleased with it.  Here goes my trying to post.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Have a Great Weekend!

Happy Fourth of July!  I hope you get to spend some time with family and friends this weekend.  Nothing has been planned for us.  Might try to have a picnic with family.Well here it is Friday and I have nothing accomplished in the card department.  Have been busy but not with my cards.  Oh My,  I have my work cut for me.  I do have a couple ideas in my head.  I have a Dr.s appoint Wed. morning so I must be ready by Tues.  Wish me luck!  Throw in a Holiday in there, a Sunday with church, the things Tom want me to do,  I will need lots of luck and inspiration.  Hopefully  sometime when I do get finished I will need to post them, so stop back.  God Bless all of you and keep you well.  Laura

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

My Cards For June 24th

For how early I was at getting my cards posted last time, I am as late this time.  I had 4 made yesterday but that I realized one same coloring as another card.  So today I made a different one.  Although I have the 4 made that I plan for you to make, I still have most of the pieces to cut out.  I need to go to Hobby Lobby to see how many are coming and I need to pick up my new glasses.  So.... barring nothing else coming up to mess up my day, I should be ready by tomorrow.  Well here they are.  I won't tell you how busy I have been, boring you with my excuses.  See you tomorrow!

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Here it is Saturday evening and I am posting my cards already.  I still need to cut out the pieces for the sailboat card.  I got a few more ideas from the Stamping Up Catalog.    Looking forward seeing all of you at this Wed. class.  Hope your weekend is going well.  We just came from my Grand daughter's graduation party and will be leaving soon for a Great Nephew's Grad Party. We have two more this month we will be attending.  Take care and God Bless you and keep you safe.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Hi Everyone,  I am here to post this week cards.  Although I have the 4 cards made up, I still have two of them that I need to get the parts ready.   Right now I am not in the mood to work on them.  My grand daughter Laura is at the hospital having her baby boy C-section.  She is not quite 35  weeks.  Please pray for them!    Here are the cards-

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Hi Everyone!  Here we are again and I am finally getting my cards posted.  I had three done by Sat.but I fiddled around a lot and finally decided on the fourth.  I have a S-fold card that can be a birthday card or a Father's Day card,  Sequins are used on the butterfly card, we have a graduation card and a swing card made from a Sissix Die cut set.  I debated about the Sissix card as it is completely cut out using the cutting dies and a cutting machine.  I decided you might be curious on how this works so you get to make it.  I won't make you go through the whole process of cutting everything out .but I do plan for you to do some. Well lets see if I can get them posted.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The 4th card for tomorrows class

Well it is only 12:32am and I am finally able to get this last card posted.  I still have cutting out to do but hopefully I can get that finished in the morning.  What am I saying, I have to have it done before class.  Wish me luck!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Hello!  I hope you all haven't been checking this site for cards.  Could be because I haven posted them yet. Well I finally have 3 ready to post,  I hope to post the 4th later.  We will see what happens.  Anyway here are those 3........

Monday, April 13, 2015

I am Back and Ready!

Hi Everyone,  I am back!   Ready, sort of!  This Wed. April 15th I will holding  my first class since getting home from Florida and will continue to do so till we head back to Florida in the fall.  Even though I was dragging my feet about coming home to Mansfield, I did miss all my friend here.   I will attempt to post the cards for this week ( this is my second try at this)  My first posting disappeared when I was trying to find my cards to post.  Here I go trying again.

The first 3 cards were inspired by looking through old CardMaker magazines.  The last Thanks card was a card we did in one of my Fl. classes.  I hope to see you this week, let me know if you are coming,  I don't have an  accurate count of how many for sure are coming.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Well it won't be long and we will be back home.  It is Tom,s plan to leave Monday morning.  I am dragging my feet. how sad is that!  Unless I want him to leave without me,  I have no choice.  as tempting as that is  I wouldn't want him to drive back by himself.
    I wanted to let you see the cards we made for the last class.  The butterfly one and the tulip one mine, both inside and out.  Here's hoping I remember how to post them.

Well I found them and they are as you can see!  I hope to be in a better mood when I get back home again. .I am sure my friends can cheer me up!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Another week for card class

Well I l will try this again.  This my second try at posting this.  I don't know what happen to my first try.  I am so Thankful for having Jean helping me this year.  It a lot less stressful.  Making just 2 cards is much easier.  I am cheating and using last years cards from Hobby Lobby.  Of course I didn't plan ahead and made sure I had everything here, like same stamps .  I been lucky so far coming up with similar paper.  Here I go again and will try to post our cards.  Jean made the valentine cards and I am sure you will recognize the cards I made.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Card Class at ORO, Florida

Hi  All,  Miss seeing you!  Hope winter is being kind to you.  It has been cooler here so I know you are cold there.  Had my first card class here this week,  My partner  (Jean) and I each made 2 cards.  The  first cards I am posting are hers.  I cheated and made 2 cards that we did at home.  the window card, I had to get new background paper although similar.  The other card of my I added the brown layer and used a little darker yellow color.  Anyway here they are.  Oh, we had 7 sign up but only 5 showed.  I think we have 9 signed up for next class.


Monday, January 5, 2015

Hi Dear Friends!  We are back in Florida, got here New Years Eve.  Happy to be back.  I did decide to do the card class this year at the club house.  I have a friend here who is going to help me.  I don't think she will change her mind.  My first class won't be until Jan 13th.  This Tuesday a group of us will get together to either crochet, knit or any other type of needle work we might want to do.  It's fun to get together and chit chat, show what we are working on and enough experts to give advise if we don't know how to do something.  The only thing is I need to let them know we are getting together tomorrow.  I think there is a late pattern here.  I hope you have been having good weather at home, this is my wish for you.  Take care and God Bless you all!  Love Laura