Monday, April 13, 2015

I am Back and Ready!

Hi Everyone,  I am back!   Ready, sort of!  This Wed. April 15th I will holding  my first class since getting home from Florida and will continue to do so till we head back to Florida in the fall.  Even though I was dragging my feet about coming home to Mansfield, I did miss all my friend here.   I will attempt to post the cards for this week ( this is my second try at this)  My first posting disappeared when I was trying to find my cards to post.  Here I go trying again.

The first 3 cards were inspired by looking through old CardMaker magazines.  The last Thanks card was a card we did in one of my Fl. classes.  I hope to see you this week, let me know if you are coming,  I don't have an  accurate count of how many for sure are coming.


  1. Sweet cards for your first class, I know everyone will be happy to see you!! Have a wonderful time!!
    It may be my computer, but the font on your blog post is very tiny. May be hard for some to read.

  2. Thank you, Laura, for the great cards! I truly enjoyed making them and look forward to this week's cards!

    See you Wednesday!