Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Better late than never!

I tried this earlier and ran into some of my usual problems,  Had to leave to see my grandson's baseball game.  They lost by the way.  I have a busy time lately, working still on removing living room carpet still.  It is out of there now but now I have to figure when and how we can refinish the hardwood floors that was under.  Finally had to stop so I could work on my cards in between grandchildren's ball games.  Here's trying to post my cards.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

One More Time!

By golly,  I think I may have got this time.  Wish me luck  Oh by the way the wedding card I had hoped to post the inside of it.  I took a picture of it for you to see but I not certain I can figure out how to get from my camera to the computer.  Right now don't have time to fiddle with it.  We are meeting with some of Tom's classmates for supper and I have lots to do before then.  See you tomorrow!

 I didn't scan the wedding one.  As you can see I scanned the anniversary one,  It is not a square card either.  It's 4X5 1/2ins.

Monday, June 13, 2016

My second attempt!

This is my second try at this.  I am sure this brain of mine is hopeless.  I thought I sent my first post, but I didn't.  The first time I forgot my password to get on my site.  I had to change it the last time I posted.  I did write it down somewhere.  Your laughing again I can tell.  My other problem is I can't get my cards scanned to the computer.  Does that sound familiar? I  tried a second time with no luck.  If I can't get them scanned to the computer, I can't post them on my site!  Anyway I had to tell you this on the post I never sent and now it disappeared.  It may be out there somewhere in cyber space waiting for me to retrieve it. I will try to find time again tomorrow.  I still have my last card pieces to get cut and ready.  Have a good nights sleep! Laura