Thursday, February 25, 2016

Better late than never post.

Here I am again, finally getting to post the cards we did here Feb 22nd.  I didn't get to see Jeans cards till the day of the class.  Poor Jean came down with bad cough and cold.  She felt she had bronchitis.  She called me in the morning and said she wasn't up to getting to class that day.  There were 12 at the class and I did it without her.  Boy I am out practice holding a class all by myself.  I was so tired when we finally finished.  I am not certain if I want to do classes when we get home if I have to hold them by myself.  Maybe I can create the cards and maybe have them ready but doing it by myself?  I will have to think about that.
Anyway on a better note, I will see if I can get these posted.  My 2 cards will be the first 2 and Jeans the second 2.  

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Valentine cards I made today

I made 2 cards today and one for my friend Jean and one for Tom.  I wanted to share them.
 The top one is for Tom's

Finally getting to posting cards!

Hi my friends!  Just finding time to get last weeks cards posted.  We had gotten them done a few days early but I couldn't get them posted.  We had 11 students, four of which never stamped before.  We were busy but we did manage to get them done in 2 1/2 hours.  The first cards being posted are mine.  The airplane card is made with a set you can get free!  If interested email me and I will tell you how.  My second card is made from scraps.  This one took the longest  They had to many decisions to make.  I couldn't post one of samples cause my 2 cards disappeared. I had to make another one.

 Jeans cards were special.  I loved the die she had for the poppy.  I called her headhog card a happy card.  He is so darn cute!  I don't remember who made that set.
  They were lighter in color and I thought they were nicer.  I will find them someday buried somewhere. This from the first part of the post.  I don;t know how it got down here.  ????