Saturday, February 13, 2016

Finally getting to posting cards!

Hi my friends!  Just finding time to get last weeks cards posted.  We had gotten them done a few days early but I couldn't get them posted.  We had 11 students, four of which never stamped before.  We were busy but we did manage to get them done in 2 1/2 hours.  The first cards being posted are mine.  The airplane card is made with a set you can get free!  If interested email me and I will tell you how.  My second card is made from scraps.  This one took the longest  They had to many decisions to make.  I couldn't post one of samples cause my 2 cards disappeared. I had to make another one.

 Jeans cards were special.  I loved the die she had for the poppy.  I called her headhog card a happy card.  He is so darn cute!  I don't remember who made that set.
  They were lighter in color and I thought they were nicer.  I will find them someday buried somewhere. This from the first part of the post.  I don;t know how it got down here.  ????

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