Friday, April 20, 2012

Love all your support!

It was great seeing all of you at class Tuesday.  For anyone not there on Tues., I had 11 attending in the afternoon and 6 in the evening.  Much more than I had planned but was able to make more of the pieces needed.  I will never tell anyone no you cant be here cause they did make the effort coming in, but I am so less stressed knowing for sure how many are coming.    You all are great and you made me feel special with your sincere welcome back greetings.  Now if I was smart,  I would start on the next class being ready. Yea, like that is going to happen.  Love you all!

Friday, April 13, 2012

I'm excited!

Hello All,  As most of you should know we are back from Florida.  We really enjoyed our winter there.  It was hard to leave and I will miss the beautiful weather, the palm trees, our flower garden, and our one tomato plant.  We bought it on a plant clearance rack at Lowes for $.33 when we got back after Christmas.  We got alot more tomatoes and there was still green ones when we left.  We told neighbors to pick them while we are gone.  I hope someone will water everything while we are gone.  Oops more important I will miss our neighbors and all the new friends we made. Now for my excitment!  Will have my first card class this year at HL.  I am hoping to see me dear friends.  Let me know if you are coming next Wed for my day or evening class.  I am trying to be ready in advance this time but it is difficult knowing how much to get ready for.  Hate to waste paper cutting more than I need.  If you cant come, I will understand.  After all I deserted you all by going to sunny Florida for the winter.  Remember I did leave you in the capable hands of Mary Jo Isch.  I know day time class  is better for alot of you but as you know with Mary Jo working all day that was all she could offer.  I dont know how she managed to be ready.  I Thank you again Mary Jo and thanks to Lynn and Karen for being there when your sister needed help.    Until I see you again, take care and God Bless All of You!