Friday, April 13, 2012

I'm excited!

Hello All,  As most of you should know we are back from Florida.  We really enjoyed our winter there.  It was hard to leave and I will miss the beautiful weather, the palm trees, our flower garden, and our one tomato plant.  We bought it on a plant clearance rack at Lowes for $.33 when we got back after Christmas.  We got alot more tomatoes and there was still green ones when we left.  We told neighbors to pick them while we are gone.  I hope someone will water everything while we are gone.  Oops more important I will miss our neighbors and all the new friends we made. Now for my excitment!  Will have my first card class this year at HL.  I am hoping to see me dear friends.  Let me know if you are coming next Wed for my day or evening class.  I am trying to be ready in advance this time but it is difficult knowing how much to get ready for.  Hate to waste paper cutting more than I need.  If you cant come, I will understand.  After all I deserted you all by going to sunny Florida for the winter.  Remember I did leave you in the capable hands of Mary Jo Isch.  I know day time class  is better for alot of you but as you know with Mary Jo working all day that was all she could offer.  I dont know how she managed to be ready.  I Thank you again Mary Jo and thanks to Lynn and Karen for being there when your sister needed help.    Until I see you again, take care and God Bless All of You!

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  1. Thank you so much, Laura! How sweet of you! I have to thank Lynn and Karen, too, for all of their help, PLUS I want to thank everyone for coming to my classes. It meant a lot to me.

    God Bless you, too, Laura, for being such a GREAT friend and mentor.