Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Hi Everyone,  I am finally able to get on my computer to post my pictures of the cards we are making this week.  I haven't been able to get on my computer for 3 days.  I was beginning to think maybe Tom hadn't paid the bill.  Someday I hope to replace this antique of a computer.  Well here is the cards for Wednesday.

My favorite is this last one but I almost changed my mind about doing it.  It is a new Stampin Up set I bought from my neice Pam.  It has a lot of pieces  to it and each piece is cut out with a die that needed to be lined up a certain way.  It would take forever to do.  But... I was determined to do it.  I will have you not do all the steps and I cut everything out in advance  You will need to concentrate while doing it .and listen to me as how it is done.  Oh dear we are in trouble.  Just teasing, well sort of.. Time will tell.  See you tomorrow!