Friday, December 18, 2015

Hi Everyone,  I don't know if you get on my site when I am not teaching card classes.  I wanted to wish you a Very Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!  We are in  here Mansfield till just after Christmas.  We are hoping to head back the Monday after Christmas.

I went to the card class wed. eve with Mary Joe in charge.  The girls did a great job at getting some neat cards for us to make.  I have posted them here for those who may not have gone to go.  The girls mostly  like to use the KIS method.  Well you know I make you work sometimes harder.  I stepped them up just a little.  the first two you see, I just did a small amount of scoring on the card.  You may not see that in the pictures of the scanned cards.  The Holy Family cards I stamped the design on a separate piece of paper and then added a layer of blue before I adhered them to the base card.  The last card, I added an embossed layer of holly to put on the card base,  I cut out the stamped design and add a piece of a glitter green of which I added on top on the embossed design.  Oh I forgot I used a sponge dauber and added a light coat of green to the holly leaves and a light coat of red to the berries.  So much for me keeping it simple!  Lets see if I can get the cards posted.  Love you all and miss seeing you.  You can visit us in Florida.


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