Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I needed a change!

Hi Everyone,  I was tired of the brown design so I decided I would go back to blue.  My favorite color!  But then I really like alot of colors.  I want to remind you to do the sketch challenge for next week.  I need to get to making my cards for next week.  Hope to see you there at Hobby Lobby.  Let me know if you are coming and when , since I didn't have to many sign up and I dont remember who did.  Last week was alittle confusing some who come during the day were there in the evening and visa versa for the the afternoon class.  I am up for ideas from anyone who would like to tell me what they would like to try in techniques or maybe would like another technique repeated.  Tomorrow Nancy Dempsey is having a Stampin Up party at 1pm.  I will be there, her Stampin Up instructor is great and I know you would have a great time.  If you want Nancy to order something for you let her know.  See you tomorrow or next week.  Keep cool in the heat!   Oh I forgot to tell you Marj Gannett was there last week, she was home visiting her daughter, Terri.  I really miss her and it was great to see her again even for a short while.


  1. Thanks for the shout out about my party and I'm glad you're able to come.
    I'm planning on being at HL for your class next week. Such a good class and good friends!

  2. I will be there next Wednesday evening, Laura, and Lynn as well, more than likely. Love your classes, as I tell you repeatedly!