Saturday, August 13, 2011

Florida on my mind!

Can you tell with my new layout design?  Had a good time last Wed. and I hope you did too!  Missed all of you that wasn't able to come.  Although the final count for the whole day was 11.  Somehow we got done earlier for a change.  Sorry evening class that I pushed you so hard.  I thought we were running late.  And even though you all seemed to be taking your time, we got done much earlier than usual.  I guess I just was tird.  I think there will be only 4 more classes till we leave for Florida.  Please if anyone wants to take over the class, let me know.  I will need to get permission from Hobby Lobby.  Think about it, talk among yourselves.  Otherwise there won't be any card classes till spring!  I don't know if Hobby Lobby will try to find someone else to hold the class.  This is going to be a special week for me.  On Tuesday, my Grandaughter, Laura will have her labor induced and will have my 3rd great grandchild..  Then on Thursday, my youngest daughter Kristin is having her second child by C-Section.  Kristin lives in Columbus so you can be sure I will be going down there.  She would like me to stay a few days with her when her husband Joe goes back to work.   That reminds me, I better get those cards ready for class again.

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