Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Jan Card Class

Hi, I held my first 2012 card class yesterday.  Had 4 come.  Everyone did great.  More people come by in the club house and say OH I wanted to do that but forgot about it.  I have been using all my supplies for and extra $1 fee, but I dont know about this.  Yesterday, I went there with 5 roller tapes (they were in various amounts of use)  before we got to the last card we totally ran out.  I had to run my bike home and pick up more adhesive ( like the pink type).  I am glad that we live fairly close to the club house.  I have sort of forgotten how to attach my pictures to this but hpefully it works.  Brain is going fast with all these old folks around.  Ha  Miss all of you!


  1. Hi Laura, I love your cards. I don't think you are breaking even on the tape runners. We all know how expensive they are and they don't go far. I haven't made it to cards lately. January is a busy month for me and we go to Florida in Feb. Take care, Pat S.

  2. Hi Laura! Awesome usual. Class here is going pretty good. We had one tonight and five people showed up. I'll try to send pictures of the cards via phone. Miss you, too!