Friday, June 15, 2012

Hello again!   My thanks to all of you for coming to Wednesday class.  It was great to see all of you again and great to see some of you come back.  It made my day.  I have been working in my craft room again and making a mess.  Once Tom carries up my old Kitchen table for me.  I will beable to finish putting things away that I moved. the mean time I have been checking emails and found some stamping videos to watch.      This time I did take a few notes so I could remember some of what I saw.  I will try some of them out and share them with you.  that is when I finish with putting the mess back together. Again  that depends on when Tom carries up the table for me.  Enjoy the weekend, Take care and God Bless You!  

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  1. A crafters table is never cleared of clutter. It just keeps getting higher and higher. Can't wait to see what you learned on the videos. Have a great weekend.