Tuesday, September 11, 2012

We had an awesome class last week,  Thank you all for coming.  Earlier today while I was thinking,  I dont  do that to often.  Why am I always late at getting my cards created and cut out  Well sometimes there is no creative juices flowing.  But today I thought,  if I made one card every day and got it cut out that same day, it would only take me 5 days to be ready.  How simple that would be!  Well here it is evening and I have yet to get one card ready.  I worked on one I started a few days ago but have a few problems to work out, like how do I do that.  I need some adhesive sheets and the directions in the box on how to use them.  Well do you think I can find the new box I have. No directions in the old box.  Maybe before I put my plan in to action I need to clean up the area again and maybe it would be helpful to put the supplies and such away from last class.  Maybe tomorrow!  Have a good evening!  May God Bless you and keep you safe!


  1. I have found it takes a lot of time to design a card. You have to figure out what papers, punches, stamps and pads to use. Then you have to cut everything out. I make cards and I appreciate all the work you do. I know how much time you spend geting ready for the class.