Sunday, October 6, 2013

     Thanking all of you for attending my card workshops this year.  I am so blessed to have all of you and your support.  I am looking forward to some time away but I will definitely miss each of you.  Please keep in touch.  We will be home early Dec. to celebrate Christmas with family. I hope to attend Karen & Mary Jo's workshops while home.
     I also want to Thank the evening class for supplying a cake  and having a going away party.  The cake was wonderful and was so thoughtful.  I also enjoy our after class eating out gatherings. So handy having those fast food places near.
   Thank you Mary Jo and Karen for taking over the classes till spring.  I hope all will support them and all the hard work they will need to do.  My Love to all of you.  I will try to keep posting so if I am slow to do so, don't give up on me.  May God Bless you all and keep you safe, Laura

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  1. Missing you Laura & look forward to visiting with you in one of the girls classes next month. Hope things are well in the sunshine state & your scrapping!!