Saturday, February 22, 2014

 Outside & Inside
These are this past week cards.  I didn't get post them before class.  What do you think.  No one posted on my previous post, probably cause no one is looking.  I hope all is going well with all of you. We are fine here,and very much enjoying the lack of snow and cold. You are welcome to come and visit.  On March 23rd, I am hoping to go to a sale in Lakeland at a store called Violettes Scrapbook and Stamp Store. Linda told me about this, customers set up tables with stamp and stuff they want to sell.  She said there are almost too many to see and reasonably priced.  Good reason to come visit. Miss all of you, take care, Laura


  1. Hi Laura! I haven't stopped looking altogether. Sometimes don't have the time! Love, love, love your cards. We did a couple of unusual cards this was using a napkin and the other was something from Cricut. Miss you very much. Looking forward to you coming back! Love, Mary Jo

  2. Hi Aunt Laura!! Glad to hear all is well with you! And lucky you to miss all this cold and snow, I wish I did!! Love the chalkboard look card, and the one with the birdie is so cute!! Sounds like an amazing sale your off too! I'm looking forward to going to the Memories Expo again this year. It is next month! Take care, and tell Uncle Tom Hello!