Monday, July 7, 2014

It's that time again!  Here are the cards we will be making on Wed.  I have 2 pieces to cut out from one card, then I should be done.

I hope all of you  had a special 4th of July weekend.  I got to watch 3 grandchildren Sat. afternoon. We had indoor cookout picnic.  I cooked hot dogs on a fire outside, made a pasta salad, bake beans, and a fruit salad.  Almost as good as having a real picnic.  Tom finally got to go fishing at Charles Mill Lake with our  oldest daughter Barb and our son Steve on Sunday.  They went in the early evening and got caught up with all the people going to the fireworks there.  Of course they enjoyed the fireworks.  Tom only caught 1 fish. 
I enjoyed being home by myself and working on my cards.
See you Wednesday!


  1. I am like a broken record! I love the cards and am looking forward to being in class. See you Wednesday evening, God willing.

  2. Pretty cards Aunt Laura! I have to work this Wed. of course. I did have last Wed. off, but there was no class!! Sounds like you had a great weekend!!