Monday, March 28, 2016

Another ORO card post

Hi all!  Have been busy and a bit lazy I never got to make Jean's cards last week.  Have had company last week and again now this week  Kristina,Jane, Kate and Finn are visiting this week..  It's fun to have family here!  Kris is my daughter-in-law, Matt's wife.  The kids are grandchildren of course but only 3 of there 5could come.  We picked them up at the airport last night late.  The plan was delayed 4 times from taking off due to severe storms  Our daughter Kristin and grand daughters Jillian and Juliet were  here the week before for just a few days.  I know you are wondering when Tom and I will be back. More  than likely will be leaving mid week next week.
Anyway here are my 2 cards I made and taught.  Will send Jean's when or if I get them.
Cut the bunny out from my cricut Create a critter2, used wiggly eyes  My other card was a similar version of a card Mary Jo or  Karen made using vellum.  I was running out of time and ideas to come out with one of my own!

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