Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Library Craft Workshop

I had a fun evening.  I had the opportunity to attend a craft workshop at Crestview Library.  It was free, can't beat that!  It was held by Nancy Dempsey, a friend and a card class student who comes to my Hobby Lobby Card Workshop.   She had us make a Christmas box , using a paper mache' box and had  supplies for us to decorate it with.  It was nice to do something different, met some nice people, and got to see a special lady who played guitar and led us in singing at a retreat I attended years ago.  I have never forgotten the retreat and the special music she shared with  us.    I almost decided I wasn't going but so glad I changed my mind.


  1. That's a great project! It's fun to do something different!

  2. Glad you had a good time-glad you were there.

  3. Sorry I missed it, Hoping Nancy has another one, they look great! See you Wednesday, hoping to make the 12-2 class.....