Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I survived the holidays!

Hi dear friends and family.  Here it is Dec. 28th and my brain is still in lala land.  You know what, this year Christmas came as it usually does and I for sure I wasn't ready.  All the things I didn't get finished should be a lesson to start earlier next year.  I need to do my own spiritual Christmas this week, Happy Birthday Dear Jesus, Thank you for coming into our lives, Thank you for suffering for all of us so we can be with you someday in heaven.    My goal every Christmas is to be ready early and to sit back and enjoy and reflect on   this beautiful season.    As for the Day, it had its up and downs.  But mostly it went great, the best part was having all my children safely here.  I am so blessed.  I hope your day went well for you and for those whos families could be near that  their presents (physical) warmed your heart as it did for me.  More reasons to say Thank you Jesus!   My love and thanks to all of you for being a part of my life.  Laura

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  1. Me too, am looking forward to things finally getting back to a state of normalcy. Looking forward to the next card class I can attend & am in need of a schedule if you have the time to send me a quick email I am getting all my calendars changed today! Happy 2011!