Thursday, December 16, 2010

Our Party

Greetings,  I had hoped to write earlier today but remembered Tom and I were meeting with his brothers and their wives in Smithville at the barn.
     I wanted to thank all of you for coming to our special event.  I enjoyed the day and had so much fun with all our laughing.  Even the small evening group of 6 with me had lots of noise and laughter too!  As I said earlier in the day, I have been so blessed to have met all of you through our card making.  I hope we can continue to be friends when I am to old to do this anymore.  Thank all of you who helped me finish my gift project to all of you.  I am glad you liked the small luminaries.  Also thanks all of you who insisted on bringing goodies in.  It was so thoughtful of you and it was a big help to me.  I am touched that you wanted to give me something so thanks to all of you who contributed to my Hobby Lobby gift card.  You know I can make good use of this.  Also thanks to Jo and Karen for my earlier gift of the Iris folding Card book.  Also a big thank you to Judy and Linda for the quilted snowman wall hanging.  Oh and thank you Nancy for the extra container of date pinwheels just for me.  Thanks you all for coming into my life,  I will try to post some pictures that I took soon.  I forgot in the evening till almost everyone left. I did take a couple but I apologize for not getting everyone picture.  Will close for now, God Bless you all, Laura


  1. Thank you Aunt Laura for having this Holiday gathering! And thanks for the ornament, and tag projects! Everyone had a great time, I wish I could have stayed longer! Have a wonderful Christmas if I don't talk to you by then!

  2. Pam, The one great thing about holding these classes is I get to see you more often!

  3. Yes, it is! I have fun, and get to visit with you!