Thursday, February 9, 2012

My other 2 cards

Well it looks like you can hardly see the one card.  It was quite a challange having a large class.  It ended up I had 15.  Almost no one has supplies.  I ask for another $1 and I provide tape, blk card and envelope.  I sure was busy.  Almost everyone is new to all of this.  I have a couple scrapebookers and a previous card maker. A couple of the girls are quick to learn and try to help.  Thank Goodness.  I do have a few who try to help clean up  Needless to say I was pretty tired at the end.  Have met alot of nice people.  So far I have 9 signed up for the next class  on the 21st    Wish me luck as I am sure there will be more.                                                                                         


  1. I'm so happy you have a lot of people coming to your classes! I know it's alot of work, but your meeting new people there, and get to have fun at the same time! Maybe you'll get someone to help you out!! Sounds like your settling in well there! Enjoy!

  2. Congratulations, Laura!! I'm glad that you're doing well in your classes. I had THREE people Wednesday night: Lynn, Karen and Joan. Oh well. That's the way it goes sometimes. Keep up the good work!! Miss you.