Thursday, April 24, 2014

I am back in Mansfield, Ohio!  I think you all already know that.  One thing you don't know is that the next card class workshop will be shared with Mary Jo and myself.  She will be holding the evening class and I will hold the afternoon class.  Karen has to work that day so she asked me if I would take over for her.  2 cards will Mary Jo's and 2 will be mine. Then classes in May will be all mine.  I will make a schedule for you and the store soon. My first class in May will  May 14th  1:30-4pm  and 5-7:30pm.  I am looking forward to seeing you all again.
     I am excited, this Sat.  I will be going to Akron with Mary Jo to see this years Stamping Expo/Convention.  I have forgotten what its real name is.  Hope to get a lot of ideas and maybe buy a few things,  Take care and God Bless you, Laura


  1. Glad to hear your home!! Will be calling you!!

  2. Welcome back, my friend! Of course, I have already seen you, but I still want to welcome you back. I'm glad that you will be doing the class in the afternoon this Wednesday. Too bad Karen has to work, but glad you can do it. Otherwise I would have had to take the day off from work (how terrible! NOT!!) and done them both. Anyway, glad you're here and we DID have a great time yesterday, didn't we? Glad you went there, too! Love you!