Friday, August 1, 2014

HELLO  At the end of my last post, I thought---I wonder if I can post a video, and I did!  Could I do it again?  Who knows.  I thought it would post at the end of what I wrote, but it came up first.   I subscribe to Catherine Pooler's newsletter.  Doing so I get emails and lots of card ideas.  I didn't join her Stamp Nation because I didn't want to pay the monthly fee.    I am sure one gets a lot of ideas from being a member,  I choose not to.  At the end of her videos, there is always more videos to see.  I get a lot of my ideas from her and I just go the free method.  If you never viewed her videos, you must try it.  Check out the one I sent to the end and then click on more.  I think you will enjoy!   See you this coming Tuesday.   Oh and be looking for my cards post.  Laura

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