Saturday, August 2, 2014

Here it is Sat.late afternoon.  I really think we have gremlins in our house.  I have looking for the power cord to our printer so I could scan my cards.  I have been looking for it at least 2-3 hrs.  Now why would the power cord to my printer disappear?   Anyway after figuring out what it should like, I found it in a drawer next to the desk.  Tom says he didn't take it off.  I am certain I didn't take it off.  It has got to be the Gremlins.  How else would one explain this. Happens all the time here.
     Any way I got my cards scanned and hope to post them.  I only have one busy card, its a pop up.  I just had to try this in a class.  I worked on it off and on for three days, figuring how to make work  I hope it isn't to much of a problem for you! Well here they are. I forgot that once I post them, they always come up at the beginning.  Oh well!

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  1. Hi Aunt Laura! I will stop by Hobby Lobby on Wed. afternoon, I get off at 2:00 so hopefully you'll still be there!! The panda card is adorable!!