Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sorry you cant see the snowman card well.  Actually this was the first card I got ready but forgot I did it.  I took a friend  to Pat Catan's  and found this adorable embossing folder.  Although I wasnt really thinking Christmas, it was so hot that day that I just had to think cool.  I think you will like him.  The rose card is stamped on vellum and water colored with dye inks.  I have yet to select a verse for the card.  the front resembles a post card so I have to figure what will go along.  I am not really ready yet, I have a lot of parts to cut out and get ready for some.  I think I will make it on time tomorrow.  See you all tomorrow!


  1. Hi, Laura! Sorry I couldn't make it to class tonight. Put in a 12-hour day today, but got the project finished -- I hope. Will find out on Friday when I return to the office. I have to go to Dublin, Ohio Thursday for some branch training. That will be a long day also.

    Would you happen to have an extra set of this week's cards? Karen said that she would help me make them. They are awesome................as usual! You never disappoint, my friend!

    See you later!

    Hugs, Mary Jo

    1. Sorry, I had 20 come to the classes. I only prepared for 17-18. I had to go home in between besides stopping a Taco Bell drive through, buy gas at Krogers (Rush, Rush) and still coming back and not having all I needed . What I forgot was I didnt hace my cutting dies or embossing dot foldered with me. Some of the girls who has these things did what they could a class and was going to finish at home So sorry, I dont have extras.